Why Offices Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile Every Time!

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile or LVT is becoming a staple in modern office environments as it offers numerous benefits as a high-traffic flooring option. These tiles can snap, hook or lock together while being directly glued onto the existing subflooring in the office. The finished product undoubtedly looks beautiful and still offers a hard-wearing surface, but the upfront costs are often higher than cheaper flooring options, which is why benefits should always be considered.

Benefit #1: Visually Appealing

Do you like the look of natural stone or hardwoods in an office setting? Meanwhile, these materials aren’t exactly perfect for a high-traffic office, the right LVT option can mimic the look of any number of natural surfaces. Not only is LVT visually appealing, but it feels like the real thing to the touch as the latest technology is able to emboss and add texture to the surface.

Benefit #2: Thick And Scratch Resistant

When looking at flooring options, you really need to consider how they will hold up over time to heavy foot traffic. Luxury vinyl tiles aren’t just thicker than regular vinyl, but they contain a special UV-cured urethane coating that prevents the surface from getting scratched, scuffed or stained from regular use. Ultimately, this coating will help increase its wear and performance, making it one of the most affordable options when considering flooring for heavy foot traffic.

Benefit #3: Absorbs Sound And Insulates

In an office environment, it’s important to provide a productive workplace for your employees with minimal distractions. The right flooring for your office building shouldn’t just look good, but provide insulation underfoot as well as filter out sound. The thickness of LVT makes it easy for your office to control indoor decibel levels while also providing the right amount of cushioning underfoot for standing employees.

Benefit #4: Resists Liquid

Depending on what types of services your office offers, you need to consider the liquid resistance of your flooring option. LVT is one of the few flooring options out there that is able to resist water and other liquid spills. In short, your flooring won’t suffer permanent water damage or leave unsightly stains.

Luxury vinyl tiles are a fairly new flooring trend, but one worth paying attention to as it can offer a number of advantages to the average business owner. Ranging from a great aesthetic appeal to resisting wear and tear, LVT is one option you should consider!